How can I make a payment?

If you have received a letter or phone call from us, please contact us immediately to discuss the details or arrange a payment.

Please remember to quote your REFERENCE NUMBER each time you contact us. If you have more than one debt number, please make sure we are aware of this when you make contact.

The preferred methods of payment direct to Cedar Credit are:

If your address, phone number, or any details have changed recently, please contact us immediately to have your details updated.

Missing payments, dishounored payments, overpayments and refunds: If a debtor chooses to pay in instalments, then the following Terms will apply and form a legally binding contract between the Debtor and Cedar Credit limited.  We will monitor and record each payment you as a debtor make into our bank account, and allocate it to your debt (and account charges) on behalf of Cedar Credit Ltd and our client(s).

A debt payment arrangement fee of $25.00 will be added to your account at the time the first instalment is paid. Payments that are missed or dishonoured without prior notification from you will incur a penalty charge of  $25.00.  Please keep us advised of any change of address and contact numbers so that we can advise you when your account is paid in full.  We will contact you at the address and contact number supplied by you as soon as your account has been paid in full, at which stage it is your responsibility to cancel your automatic payment.

In the event that payments are still being received after we have advised you to cancel your automatic payment, we will give you a three-month amnesty period to contact Cedar Credit to be reimbursed for the over payment amount.  If you make contact during the first three months after the debt is paid in full, Cedar Credit reserves the right to charge a 25% fee for holding the surplus funds.  If you contact Cedar Credit from three to twelve months after your debt is paid in full, a 35% fee will be applied.  After twelve months, Cedar Credit reserves the right to retain 50% of the funds. 



Do you need help making repayment?
We realise that you may require some assistance in order to get your overdue debt paid. Communication is key, so please contact us via the contact form, or call us on 0800 729 722 so we can walk you through the payment options available.

If you have a debt with Cedar and are working with a budget advisor, we can discuss your debt with that advisor once you have signed and returned our Authority for Information Sharing form to Cedar Credit, PO Box 285, Dunedin 9054.